Scaling & Root Planning

If you are diagnosed with gum disease, our dentists may recommend scaling and root planing to help eliminate harmful bacteria and improve your oral health. This periodontal treatment works to thoroughly clean your mouth and halt the disease before it can cause any further damage. To schedule an appointment with Dr. James Nelson, Dr. Matthew Bury and Dr. Mandy Nelson and learn more about scaling and root planing in Rapid City, South Dakota, call Nelson & Bury Dentistry today at 605-341-3670.

One of the first treatments our dentists may recommend to treat gum disease is scaling and root planing. Scaling and root planing is a type of deep dental cleaning designed to remove harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar from your mouth and halt the progression of the disease. It is highly effective in treating the earlier stages of gum disease, especially when combined with other periodontal treatments. Scaling and root planing consists of two steps:

  • Scaling — During which the plaque and tartar is removed from the tooth surface.
  • Root Planing — During which the roots of the teeth are cleaned and smoothed to remove bacteria and encourage healing.

Most scaling and root planing treatments can be completed without the use of an anesthetic. However, anesthetic is available should you need it. We may also split your treatment into several appointments in order to treat each section of your mouth thoroughly.

Your scaling and root planing treatment may be combined with antibiotic therapy or other periodontal treatments to provide you with the best results.

Call us today to schedule your appointment with our dentists and learn more about scaling and root planing. We are committed to helping you regain a healthy mouth and smile.

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